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How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer in Whitestone


Heat can affect dogs in a number of ways. If your dog is panting, drinking more and urinating more often than usual, it's time to take action. Heat stroke occurs when the body's temperature rises rapidly and can be fatal in just a few hours if left untreated. That is why keeping your dogs cool is so important and why it's best to avoid letting your dog go outside during the hottest part of the day.

In this article, we'll talk about how to keep your dog cool during the summer in Whitestone:


Always give your dog plenty of water.

Water is a dog's best friend in the summer. Dogs with long hair, thick fur coats and those that are overweight need even more water than other dogs. It's important to give your dog water every day, especially if you know it will be hot outside. 

Also remember that dogs can't sweat like humans do—they pant to cool off instead! If you can, find a shady spot for your dog to rest in. If you live in a city like Whitestone, there are plenty of trees and parks where dogs can go to stay cool. If not, try to find some shade near your home or apartment where your dog can take refuge from the sun.


Never leave them in a car with the air conditioning on.

If you see a dog alone in a car on a hot day, call the police. Try to find out if the owner is coming back or not, but don't hesitate to break the window and rescue your fur friend if you have to! Remember that leaving your dogs in a car with air conditioning on is just as bad as leaving them in the sun. So, if you don't have another option, just leave them in the shade with lots of water and toys.


Make sure they're fed a healthy diet and are not overweight.

Overweight dogs tend to overheat more easily than healthy dogs. If you have an outdoor dog, make sure he has access to shade and water at all times. Therefore, help them lose weight by reducing their food intake and increasing their exercise. 

If you are concerned about your dog's weight, contact your veterinarian for advice on how to safely reduce the amount of food he eats without causing him to lose too much weight too quickly.


Avoid allowing them to play in the sun for extended periods of time.

Playful dogs are adorable to watch. But, they can also be a serious health hazard. The heat can cause them to overheat and become severely dehydrated or even die. So, let them play with limits during the summer. The last thing you want is for your dog to get overheated and pass out while he's playing in the yard.

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