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Elizabeth has felt an intrinsic connection with animals ever since her early days growing up in Freeport, New York. For her, caring for animals professionally is much more than just a career—it’s a rewarding and therapeutic way of giving something back to the pets who have offered her so much! Elizabeth is one of Whitestone Veterinary Care’s receptionists.

Elizabeth first came to the hospital as a client—she brought her own dog here for veterinary care. She was so impressed with the service that she and her beloved pet received that she decided to apply for a job! Elizabeth is now a receptionist with the clinic family, and especially likes to interact one-on-one with the area’s clients and pets on a daily basis.

Elizabeth has one pet at home: Princess, a friendly Shiba Inu who loves to get belly rubs and meet new people.

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Ruchi grew up in Queens and always dreamed of owning a dog when she was older. Her passion never wavered—she’s adored animals ever since she can remember, and is now the proud parent of her very own canine companion! Ruchi feels fortunate and proud to care for others’ pets here at Whitestone Veterinary Care.

Ruchi holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Pennsylvania State University, having worked full-time in the animal-care world throughout her collegiate studies. She began her veterinary journey a few years ago at a clinic in New York City, where she learned the ropes of the profession. Next, she joined the team here at Whitestone Veterinary Care and is now one of the team’s front-desk receptionists. Ruchi’s favorite parts of the job are helping to handle nervous dogs and communicating directly with the area’s pet parents.

Outside of her interests in animal medicine, Ruchi enjoys trying different types of foods and even attends food festivals on a regular basis. She also likes to spend quality time with her dog, Toby, who demands a belly rub every time Ruchi sits down next to him.

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Veterinary Assistant

Annick is a pet parent herself—she doesn’t take for granted the unwavering loyalty and companionship that our animal friends provide. She’s always wanted to do more than just love pets, though. Working as a member of the Whitestone Veterinary Care family, Annick gets to use her skills to make a long-lasting impact in the lives of pet owners and their four-legged friends!

Annick is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, but grew up as a member of a close-knit Italian family here in Whitestone. She began her journey in animal care by caring for horses at a Long Island no-kill shelter, then worked for a multi-location veterinary clinic in Queens before signing up to pursue her Veterinary Technician’s license. Now, Annick serves as a Veterinary Assistant here at Whitestone Veterinary Care while finishing up her schooling—she’ll be a Licensed Veterinary Technician in the near future!

Medically, Annick is fond of assisting with surgeries and monitoring pets under anesthesia. She also loves to help bring new pets into the world, and has helped with multiple horse births and reared many litters of orphaned kittens. Providing comfort and care to growing animals is extremely rewarding for her!

Horseback riding is Annick’s favorite thing to do when time permits between her work and school schedules. She currently cares for six retired horses—Laddie, Spanky, Napoleon, O’Ryan, Claire, and Bobbi Sox—and was even a top rider in her division when she competed at horse shows on Long Island.

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Hospital Administrator, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Originally from Brazil, Irma grew up on Long Island with her parents, four brothers, and plenty of family pets. She was fortunate to be surrounded by dogs, cats, turtles, snakes, guinea pigs, and any other creature that she could tame! For her, animal care has always been a natural part of life—now, she’s able to impact pets’ lives for the better as Whitestone Veterinary Care and the Animal Medical Hospital’s Hospital Administrator.

Irma first started at the Animal Medical Hospital as a volunteer, giving her time when she had a few spare moments. Although she already held a degree in nursing, it quickly became evident that her desire to care for animals wasn’t going away; Irma decided to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. As her role at the hospital expanded to include administrative and managerial responsibilities, she decided to further her knowledge base by obtaining her Master’s degree in business administration while simultaneously working and raising her family. Irma also holds an Associate’s degree in biology.

Here at the clinic, Irma especially enjoys helping to calm down a stressed-out patient; she’s even acquired the nickname “cat whisperer!” Irma is also fond of her field’s ever-changing nature and strives to set goals for the hospital team that reflect this growth.

Irma and her husband—the Animal Medical Hospital’s owner and Medical Director, Dr. Douglas Wyler—have three grown children and share their home with a dog, a cat, and a bird. When she isn’t enjoying the company of her own animal companions or tending to the needs of the area’s pets here at the hospital, Irma can be found cooking and baking, gardening, camping, hiking, and spending time with her wonderful grandchildren.

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Practice Manager

Christina has been obsessed with animals of all kinds since her early days growing up in Queens, New York. She was constantly checking out books from the local library to learn as much as she possibly could about dogs and cats—afterward, she would walk around her local parks naming every breed she came across. Christina’s passion never quit, and now she gets to serve animals every day as the Practice Manager here at Whitestone Veterinary Care!

Christina’s veterinary journey started more than 10 years ago, when she began serving as a Kennel Assistant at a local shelter. It wasn’t long before she was promoted to an Assistant Manager position. In 2013, Christina was happy to accept the role of Shelter Director! When the time came to look for an opportunity in a smaller, more personalized work environment, she was happy to join the Whitestone Veterinary Care team. Christina has been a member of the family since early 2017, and is particularly fond of mentoring staff, keeping things organized, and ultimately making a lasting impact on the local community through top-notch veterinary care.

In her time away from the hospital, Christina enjoys traveling, listening to music, attending concerts, and spending time with her own pets at home. She shares her life with an American Staffordshire terrier, Brooklyn, who is becoming more and more of a couch potato in her old age, as well as a lovable cat named Whiskers who is more than 20 years old.

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