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Whitestone, NY 11357

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Please do not use this form if your pet is experiencing an emergency. If your pet is experiencing an emergency call us right away at 718-888-0400 and we will prepare for your arrival.


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  • Whitestone, Flushing, Queens, Little Neck, Great Neck and Bayside NY
  • I am extremely satisfied with Whitestone Veterinary. I have been with them for 6 years & have two dogs in their care. They are very thorough & caring. After I bring my dogs in for a shot or illness they always call the next day to ask how the dogs are. I highly recommend them & have recommended them.
  • Dr. Wyler and his team are caring, patient, knowledgeable and sensitive! Have been bringing our pets here for many years and have always received top quality, thorough care by experts who love animals. If there were more than 5 stars, I'd give more!
  • Absolutely love this place Dr. Wyler and all of the veterinarians and assistants have been taking care of my dog for 10+ years and they are very patient with the animals and owners. I appreciate everything they have done for my dog. This is the place to go for your animals I recommend it 1 milliom percent! The Hempstead location is the exact same way!

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