5 Adorable Moments Every Cat Owner Experiences

Have you recently adopted a kitty? Whether you are a first-time cat owner or an experienced pet owner, we’re sure that your feline friend will fill your life with purrs and cuddles. Fluffy certainly has a way of making her owners smile with her adorable antics! Read on as a Flushing, NY vet lists some super cute moments that everyone owned by a cat experiences eventually.

Unexpected Zoomies

Fluffy can be quite frisky and mischievous, especially when she’s young. At some point, your kitty will surprise you with a sudden burst of playfulness. She may race out of the room, or just randomly attack a toy, leaving you to wonder what has gotten into her. This is what many cat care professionals officially refer to as ‘the zoomies,’ and it’s often quite hilarious to watch.

Panic Attack

Studies shows that cats know their names, but often choose to deliberately ignore their owners’ calls. This can lead many pet parents to panic, fearing the worst. You may end up turning your home upside down, only to find your furball nonchalantly relaxing in a closet or beneath a bed. It’s important to note that hiding can be a sign of sickness in cats. If Fluffy doesn’t seem like herself, she could be sick: contact your vet immediately. However, if your feline buddy just yawns, stretches, and casually saunters out of her hiding spot, she was probably just ignoring you.

Being Cat Furniture

Many kitties love to cuddle with their owners. At some point, you’ll be relaxing with your four-legged pal curled up beside you or in your lap. You’ll need to get up for something, but will hesitate because Fluffy looks so cute and comfortable.

Kitty Conversations

Did you know that the majority of cat owners talk to their pets? Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself chatting with Fluffy. She may even talk back!

Adorable Misbehavior

Cats are small, but these charismatic furballs are full of personality … and mischief. Eventually, your frisky feline will do something wrong, whether it’s knocking your glass over, walking across your computer, or scratching the sofa. Fluffy may very well follow this up by acting irresistibly cute. Chances are, you’ll end up hugging your precocious pet rather than scolding her.

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