7 Great Ideas for Love Your Pet Day

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day! Our four-legged friends definitely deserve some extra attention on this special day. After all, our furry companions truly brighten up our lives. They also provide us with unconditional love, and stay with us through the best and worst of times. In this article from a Flushing, NY veterinarian, you’ll read some super cute ways to pamper your pet.


Many of our furry pals are, well, rather sleepy. A new bed is always a great gift! If you don’t have a lot of wiggle room in your budget, look online for great DIY ideas.


Snacks are a great way to show your pet some extra TLC. Just be sure to only give your four-legged buddy safe, suitable foods. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Fun Time

Pick up some new toys for your cute pet, and make time for a fun play session. Playing is lots of fun for our animal companions, and it also helps keep them fit and healthy. This will be fun for you, too!

Veterinary Care

Regular veterinary care is very important to your pet’s health and well-being. If your furry buddy hasn’t been to the vet for a while, this is a great time to schedule an appointment. If your pet has arthritis or other medical issues, ask about pain management treatments.

Pet Fun Zone

Why not make an area of your home extra special for your pet? Make Fluffy a little kitty garden in a sunny corner by setting out cat-safe plants like catnip, Boston ferns, or spider plants. Check the ASPCA site for more suggestions. As for Fido, if you have a yard, why not section off a puppy play zone? You may need to wait until spring to set it all up, but you can start shopping and preparing now.

Cuddles and Love

At the end of the day, many of our furry friends want nothing more than to spend time with their human pals. (Okay, they want treats and toys, too, but that’s beside the point.) Spend some quiet quality time with your furkid on this special day. There’s no such thing as too many purrs or tail wags!

Please contact us for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. As your Flushing, NY pet hospital, we will provide your pet with excellent veterinary care!

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