5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy Throughout 2017

Happy New Year! It’s finally 2017—make a resolution this year to keep your dog’s health in peak condition. Below, your Bayside, NY veterinarian tells you about five easy ways to maintain your four-legged friend’s well-being throughout this year and beyond.

Feed a Quality Diet

If you give your canine companion a “budget” diet that contains a lot of filler material, you’re only contributing to obesity and missing out on essential nutrients that are key to your pet’s health. Be sure to feed Fido a high-quality diet that is appropriate for their age, breed, and weight, and check the packaging for guidance on portion size. If you’d like a recommendation on a great food for your particular pet, call your vet’s office.

Provide Regular Exercise

Combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise is one of the simplest and most effective ways to maintain your dog’s health long-term. Go on brisk walks through the neighborhood or simply romp around with a toy on the floor—getting your pet moving for several minutes per day is important for keeping the body in peak condition and maintaining a healthy level of mental engagement.


Your dog’s core vaccinations are his or her first line of defense against diseases like parvovirus, distemper, parainfluenza, calicivirus, hepatitis, rabies, and more. It’s much easier to prevent these problems in the first place, rather than eradicate them after the fact! If your pet needs vaccinated, or if you’re unsure what vaccines your dog may have already received, it’s time to act. Set up an appointment at your vet’s office today.

Use Pest Control

Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, parasitic worms like roundworm and heartworm—there are plenty of pests out there that pose a threat to our furry friends. Avoid the danger initially by using seasonal or year-round pest preventatives. These medications will ward off pests and keep your dog safe from the infestations and infections they can cause.

See Your Vet

Veterinary visits themselves are extremely important for your pet’s health. When your vet has a chance to examine your dog regularly (most vets recommend they see your pet at least twice per year) he or she can diagnose health concerns early on, treating them effectively before they’re allowed to become any worse.

Does your dog need veterinary attention? We’re here to help with all of your pet-care needs. Make an appointment with your Bayside, NY vet today.

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